Accelerating regeneration

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To speed up recovery we take advantage of the readily avai- lable carbohydrates in Mumm and the organic phosphorus in Rotosal. After a ight, racing pigeons have mainly depleted their energy stores. Therefore, they recover signi cantly faster after a ight if they are fed carbohydrates and Butafosfan.


The day after a ight, we provide racing pigeons with the highly concentrated animal protein from K + K Protein 3000 to make sure that muscles and tissue are regenerated. This protein is digested easily. It is indispensable for a fast recovery.

Short Chain Amino Acids

Immediately after the ight, the amino acid stores need to be replenished. Bt-Amin forte is designed to accomplish this. It contains large doses of the essential amino acids while also providing the pigeons with the needed B vitamins after the ight without unnecessary stress on the metabolism.