AcidPower – 100 ml


4,95 / 100 ml

✅ Fresh drinking water for a significantly longer time by optimising the pH value in the drinking water.

✅ Reduces biofilm formation thanks to pH value optimisation

✅ Thanks to the minerals, trace elements, oregano and cinnamon it contains, the metabolism is positively influenced.

✅ Optimally suitable for parakeets such as budgerigars, canaries, parrots and other ornamental birds

✅ Perfectly combinable with our other pet bird products: AminoFit, EnteroFit, FertiPlus, IntestiFit, MineralFit, MultiFit, ProbiBath and RED-M

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AcidPower is a liquid feed supplement that optimises the pH value in the drinking water with a special acid mixture. This keeps the drinking water fresh for longer and thus promotes vitality. In addition, no green algae or dangerous biofilm forms in the drinkers, reducing the risk of infection via the drinker.


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