Aparasit Fogger – 300 ml


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✅ GREAT EFFECT – the Röhnfried Aparasit Fogger is effective against the red bird mite, fleas, lice, grass mites, flies, moths, ticks and other vermin.

✅ KILL & KNOCK DOWN EFFECT – the Röhnfried Aparasit Fogger freezes the vermin immobile within minutes, death occurs a short time later.

✅ UNIQUE EFFECTIVE COMBINATION – the composition of natural-based geraniol, supplemented by two other insecticides, ensures a broad and efficient spectrum of action

✅ EASY TO USE – one push of a button is all it takes to activate the Röhnfried Aparasit Fogger: unpack – set up – engage spray button & 2 hours later the pests are taken care of

✅ DELIVERY – the Röhnfried Aparasit Fogger is supplied in a 300 ml spray bottle – the ideal size to effectively control pests even in stables and lofts (up to 90 qm)

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Röhnfried Aparasit Fogger
The Röhnfried Aparasit Fogger is a fogger that reliably kills all crawling and flying insects, such as fleas, flies, mites, grass mites, moths, etc. It has also proven to be very effective against red bird mites. In addition, it has proven to be very effective in the fight against the red bird mite. The special combination of active ingredients makes the Röhnfried Aparasit Fogger an extremely effective and easy-to-use pest control product for anyone who wants to get rid of intrusive pests quickly and easily.
Effective against crawling & flying insects, such as the red bird mite, grass mites, fleas, lice, moths, ticks and other vermin.
The knock-down effect immobilises bugs within minutes, and thanks to the kill effect, death occurs a short time later.
The unique combination of natural geraniol and two other insecticides guarantees a broad and efficient spectrum of action.

Active ingredients per kg: permethrin 4.0 g/kg; tetramethrin 1.0 g/kg; geraniol 1.0 g/kg

Directions for use:
1. place Röhnfried Aparasit Fogger centrally in the stable on an elevated place, e.g. a table or stool.
Close windows, hatches etc. Turn off room ventilation etc. 3.
Press down the spray button until it clicks into place. 4.
4. leave the loft/stable and close the door(s) (approx. 2 hours). 5.
Then ventilate the barn thoroughly (1 hour). 6.
6. residues that may remain on surfaces can be removed after application with a simple all-purpose cleaner. If used indoors, simply vacuum upholstery, carpets, mattresses and the like.

Use biocidal products carefully. Always read the label and product information before use

Learn more about our anti-mite concept here: https://roehnfried.de/milbenbekampfung/


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