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For treatment against trichomonas in pigeons (yellow button)

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For treatment against trichomonas in pigeons (yellow button)
Areas of application: • Brieftauben-Spartrix acts specifically against yellow button and mucosal inflammation in the crop.

Dosage instruction, type and duration of application: Brieftauben Spartrix comes in a single dose per pigeon on the application. Older pigeon-1 tablet, Squab ½ tablet. The tablet is inserted as deeply as possible into the beak.
Further information, special notes
It is recommended to treat all pigeons of one loft at the same time before feeding. After treatment, the drinking vessels are thoroughly cleaned during the following days to prevent re-infection via drinking water.
The treatment can be repeated: • at risk of reinfection • at the beginning of the reproductive period • in the first half of the breeding season • With Purchase

Note: Do not use in animals intended for food use! Brieftauben-Spartrix may only be used in racing pigeons. Medicines, keep protected reach of children and away from light. Brieftauben-Spartrix must not be used after the expiration date.


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