Kanex – 700 g


2,24 / 100 g

✅ reduces feather pecking

✅ diminishes cannibalism

✅ minerals & trace elements

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Kanex contains a combination of ingredients that have been successfully proven in practice. A deficiency of minerals, amino acids and certain trace elements can lead to feather pecking and cannibalism among chicks, young hens and laying hens. These substances can be fed to the animals with Kanex to counteract the form of deficiency-related abnormalities.

Feeding recommendation:

Feeding recommendation: Mix 2% of Kanex thoroughly with the breeding meal (if it is for chicks) or the laying meal (if it is to be fed to young hens or laying animals). Feeding for a minimum of 2-3 days is essential. Additional feeding for 2-3 weeks is recommended to ensure lasting success. Feeding is to be repeated if the deficiency-related abnormalities occur again.

Due to the higher content of manganese compared to complete feed, this feed supplement must only be administered to chicks, young hens and laying hens with a maximum of up to 2% of the full ration.


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