Kräuter-Gemüse-Mix (500 g)


2,70 / 100 g

✅ DOWN MOULT: contains 17 different herbs, beetroot and carrot powder and balances out deficiencies caused by feeding with the natural ingredients.

✅ RESPIRATORY TRACT: well-maintained and free airways for racing pigeons

✅ DIGESTION: herb-vegetable mix supports the digestive tract and the respiratory tract and ensures firm droppings.

✅ FEEDING RECOMMENDATION: 1 heaped tablespoon per 1kg of feed moistened with oil (Energy Oil), Oregano Sheep Fat or Moorgold.

✅RÖHNFRIED – Röhnfried your specialist for racing pigeons and poultry


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Kräuter-Gemüse-Mix consists of 17 different herbs, beetroot and carrot powder. The diverse natural ingredients compensate for deficiencies caused by feeding. These can occur due to the pigeons’ lack of ability to independently and instinctively pick up herbs, humus and soil in the field. The Kräuter-Gemüse-mix supports the digestive tract and the respiratory tract. It thus ensures firm droppings, a good down moult, radiant plumage and well-tended respiratory tracts.


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Composition: Calcium carbonate, products from the processing of herbs (marjoram, black cumin, milk thistle seeds, parsley, ribwort leaves, nettle leaves, yarrow herb, dandelion herb, peppermint leaves, camomile, thyme, chives, oak bark, curcuma root) 42%, garlic, onions, celery stalks, seaweed meal, carrots, ground 4%, beetroot, ground, loess 4%, beekeeping by-products (pollen). 

Analytical ingredients: Crude protein 7.6%, crude fat 2.0%, crude fibre 6.0%, crude ash 49.7%, sodium 0.15%, calcium 12.0%, phosphorus 0.15%, methionine 0.11%, lysin 0.27%. 

Additives per 1.000g: Aroma and appetizing substances: Oregano oil (CoE 317) 750mg, star anise oil terpene-free (CoE 238) 9.800mg. Binder: Diatomaceous earth (E551c) 130,000mg, bentonite-montmorillonite (1g557) 20,000mg.