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  • Oregano
  • Usnea barbata
  • Reinforced combination

UsneGano consists of the tincture of beardmossUsnea barbata and Oregano with the natural ingredients usnic acid, carvacol and thymol. The signification of these ingredients is known from literature.

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UsneGano contains oils from oregano, thyme and cinnamon bark. The importance of the natural components of this unique combination are known from the literature. Pigeons fed with UsneGano have firm droppings and bright white noses shortly after feeding.

Feeding recommendations

Feed recommendation: Pigeons: To encourage the digestion daily, otherwise 2 to 3 times per week. 3 ml / 1 liter of drinking water.UsneGano can also be administered with Avidress Plus, Carni-Speed and/or Blitzform and administered mixed together in a drink.Mice, breeding,rearing:  2-3 times a weekHoming pigeons: 1-2 days after the flight.2 days before competition.Do not feed it to cats!Storage: Store well sealed and protected from light!


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