27. December 2017


Specialisation in the one-day LD races in Holland

This father-son duo, Jo (retired painter) and his son Florian (IT-specialist) from Nijswiller in Holland (near Maastricht in the Dutch province of Limburg), have already scored with super results. Over the years, they specialised in what they call in Holland one-day LD-races (or the difficult MD-races from Bourges up to and in Châteauroux (the 500 to 600 km races). These races are held here in Holland every two weeks. Jo & Florian are always involved in this using the system of pure widowhood with the cocks. Super class!

Good preparation usually makes for a good season:

Having pigeons in top condition at the start: “When the first races go well, you’re always one step ahead”. To achieve this, the birds need to be a good basic condition for the beginning of the season. Here in Nijswiller, they try to succeed in this by giving them 4 to 5 weeks Avitonicum Aktiv in the drinking water in March, while using Hexenbier, dried with Pavifac on the feed.  Already from the first race, the cocks are basketed. These are short races (100 to 350 km). Once the 400 km races starts, the birds have to take part every 2 weeks. in the weeks between the competition races, Florian drives them away to a short distance (50 to 70 km). When the birds arrive home from the races, their partner is ready and waiting for them. They have already used this system  for several years and feel good with it. The birds too are well motivated by it.

In fact, they do make a lot of effort to score at the top.

What are the important aspects in this system?

Hygiene: the loft is cleaned everyday

Regular schedules: respect for the pigeons’ biorhythm of the pigeon: they train at the same hour every morning and the evening (each time for about 1 hour). A steady schedule for drinking and eating.

On returning from the race: always Avipharm (electrolytes) and Mumm (glucose and  vitamin C)

The day after the race: Rotosal (regeneration) on the feed, together with K+K proteins (for the muscles)

In preparation for the race: here, they use a alternating system; one time Gervit-W (multivitamin complex), the next time Blitzform (iodine preparation) and another time, it’s Bt-Amin forte (amino-acids and electrolytes) … Or a combination of these products.


What’s important for the Jo & Florian’s colony

– A good family to breed with. They’re not afraid to invest ! They’ve knocked on the door of the very best: Gaby Vandenabeele from Rudy – from Harry (Jan Hooymans) … with Koopman ….. It’s not always a “bull’s eye” but the chances of succeeding are higher with pigeons from good families and – as we all know – “Good blood never lies”.

Hold on to a good system: here they chose for pure widowhood with the cocks.

Keep to a good rhythm, have faith in the pigeons and the results will not fail to follow!

Fresh grit (Röhnfried products) every morning is very important for the birds’ digestion.

Good supplimentary products are:

Atemfrei – for about 4 days on the feed, sometimes in combination with Avimycin.  The pigeons like it and their eye rims become much whiter.

Rozitol (nose drops) are used every two weeks. Florian uses this on all cocks and after +- 10 minutes, he holds all the birds in his hands again to squeeze the noses. This makes the the mucus to come out much better.

Rotosal is a top product, you notice the birds recover much faster and they get nice pink breasts. They use this product a lot.

Gervit-W (multivitamin complex) and Bt-Amin forte are two absolutely indispensable products for pigeon racing.

Extra TIP: When good weather is forecast, he dissolves Electrolyte Plus in water and injects it into the pigeons’ crops before basketing. This makes them much fitter when they arrive home from the race.