9. January 2018

2017: the miracle year

They’re back in a very short time!!!

At the end of the 1990s, Eddy Leutenez stopped working but his son Maarten wanted to continue. Eddy, who had already won 9x1st Nationals, wanted to help him and in Kruishoutem this means: go for the top! They were not interested in anything less and so the train picked up speed again. At the beginning, their premises were rather limited – a small compartment above the garage (later expanded) and building some lofts in the garden.

Eddy the “expert” made sure that it took only a few years for “class” to arrive back in the loft, while in the meantime Maarten also learned what they needed to reach the top again.

The foundation for their success was provided by the famous “Bolleken”, a top hen with super muscles that had been responsible for victories and “minutes in advance” with José Denoyette. He bought this top hen and Bolleken belonged to Eddy and Maarten. This proved to be a bullseye because she was part of the basis of the present colony. Afterwards, her parents also moved to Kruishoutem. After a while, they also visited an old friend: Marc De Cock (Race Pigeon Farm Belgium), the owner of top talent. There Eddy regained the Milan strain (1st Provincial Blois and 6th National La Soutteraine) and also brought home a De Rauw-Sablon strain hen and a young Eagle Eye (Erik Limbourg strain). This then became the basis of the present “Leutenez” generation…..

From 2010, straight to the top. Maarten made sure that he had enough time to take care of the pigeons. They added a few more more lofts, which was combined with good breeding and astute selection! Soon afterwards, they scored with top results.

A glance at 2015 and 2016:

1 Provincial Limoges 2,244 pigeons 2015

1 National Zone A Tulle 3,358 pigeons 2015

2 National Limoges 8,301 pigeons 2015

4 Best LD Yearling of Belgium over 3 races

5 Best LD Yearling of Belgium and the Difficult MD over 4 races ranking 2015

7 National Cahors 6,164 pigeons 2016

8 National Champion (1+2) LD yearling KBDB 2016

8 Provincial Ace-pigeon LD KBDB 2016

8 Provincial Champion (1+2) LD old birds + yearlings KBDB 2015

10 Provincial Ace-pigeon LD KBDB 2015

11 National Champion (1+2) LD yearlings KBDB 2015

14 Best Yearling of Belgium on the LD and Difficult MD over 4 races – ranking 2015

15 National Limoges 8,301 pigeons 2015

23 National Libourne 5,890 pigeons 2015

Important points to consider are:

– Punctual care-taking, the birds always train at the same time every day!

– Every week, they have a bath with bath salt.

– On arriving home from the race – always Electrolyt 3-Plus, together with Mumm.

– After the race, a K+K protein tablet so they recover fast.

– Once a week on the day before basketing, the racers receive Gervit-W vitamins (sometimes replaced by Blitzform).

– 2 or 3 times a week, Energy Oil is added to the feed, so they can build up their reserves for the next race.

– At the beginning of the week, the birds receive Hexenbier in their drinking water. At the beginning of the season, this is used for about 3 weeks. This enables the pigeons to attain a good condition and it stimulates the down moulting.

– On the day after a  +250 km race, the birds receive two or three meals, Hessechol on the feed with Pavifac beer yeast or Ro200 condition powder.

One last tip

During the moulting period: 5 to 7 days a week, the birds receive Röhnfried Taubengold in their drinking water. All racing and breeding pigeons receive Avidress to drink everyday of the year. This results in them always being in good condition. During the breeding, the pigeons receive Gervit-W at least 3 times a week.

1st + 3rd National Ace Allround KBDB 2017

New in 2017 with the National Ace-pigeons KBDB was the “Allround” Ace pigeons, very important to a colony such as this one of the Leutenez father and son.

What are these pigeons intended to win? ”Allround applies to a pigeon over 5 races, classified per 10, separated by old birds or yearlings:

1 difficult long-distance race

2 long-distance races

2 difficult middle-distance races

This competition can be compared with the pentathlon events for athletes.

1 NATIONAL Ace Allround KBDB will be: 4157845-16  “TRAPKE”

153. NATIONAL NARBONNE 3,424 pigeons
486. NATIONAL JARNAC 5,117 pigeons
758. NATIONAL LIMOGES 10,554 pigeons
119. NATIONAL Z Argenton 6,628 pigeons
146. NATIONAL CHATEAUROUX 26,695 pigeons
114. Orléans against 3,578 pigeons