Hennengold 1000 ml


1,60 / 100 ml

✅ Reduces the occurrence of nutritionally induced broken or wind eggs and provides stronger and harder eggshells.
✅Methionine and choline support the metabolism, promote feather growth and ensure a beautiful, dense plumage.
✅ Important minerals and trace elements compensate for deficiencies
✅ Ideal supplement during rearing and moulting
✅ For chickens, ducks, geese, quails and other poultry

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Hennengold is a feed supplement with minerals and trace elements as a feed additive. Hennengold reduces wind and broken eggs caused by deficiency, compensates for deficiency symptoms and reduces the resulting egg and feather eating. Due to the high content of methionine and choline, it is especially recommended during the growth and moulting period to maintain a flawless plumage.

Feeding recommendations

In the wind and break eggs, as well as deficiency symptoms : 2 tablespoons ( 20ml ) to 1 liter of drinking water at least 3 weeks. During the moulting season 20 ml per 1 Liter drinking water.
Storage advice : Keep tightly closed and do not store above 25 ° C


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