MineralVit – 200 g


2,98 / 100 g

✅ With important minerals, trace elements and vitamins to support body functions.

✅ Promote bone formation, feathering and prevent deficiency symptoms

✅ Ideally suited for daily supply

✅ Optimally suitable for parakeets such as budgerigars, canaries, parrots and other ornamental birds

✅ Perfectly combinable with our other pet bird products: AcidPower, AminoFit, EnteroFit, FertiPlus, IntestiFit, MultiFit, ProbiBath and RED-M.

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MineralVit is a feed supplement used for the daily supply of important minerals, trace elements and vitamins. A sufficient supply of these nutrients supports normal metabolic processes and organ functions. For example, bone formation or feathering are promoted and deficiency symptoms are prevented.


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