5,95 / 100 ml

✅ The bath additive for healthy skin and beautiful plumage – Ideal for all pet birds that like to go swimming.

✅ Probiotic bacteria remove dirt from skin and feathers and counteract pathogenic germs

✅ Ideally suited for plumage care for the bird bath

✅ Ideally suited for parakeets such as budgerigars, canaries, parrots and other ornamental birds

✅ Perfectly combinable with our other pet bird products: AcidPower, AminoFit, EnteroFit, FertiPlus, MineralFit, IntestiFit, MultiFit and RED-M

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ProbiBath is a liquid bath additive that can contribute to plumage and skin health. The health-promoting, probiotic bacteria it contains remove the finest dirt from feathers and skin. This reduces the proliferation of pathogenic germs on the skin surface.

Application: 3ml per 100ml bath water. Shake well before use.

Storage instructions: Store tightly closed, not above +25°C and protected from light!


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