Frank Book about racing preparation & supply of his young pigeons – racing season 2019, part 3

Only a few more days until the racing season starts. Today in our focus: Röhnfried Racing Team member Frank Book, from Nordhorn in Lower Saxony.

Frank Book (left) and his brother Stephan in front of their loft in Nordhorn

Frank – describe the current situation of your travel pigeon loft. What is it like, a few days before the start of the racing season?

“After the second pairing and 5 days of breeding, the pigeons have been switched to widowhood two weeks before the 1st price flight, which also means a changeover to travel food (Mifuma) and supply products for the journey (Röhnfried). Especially now, due to their inexperience, the Yearlings have to be well prepared for the widowhood method.”

Which aspect do you place the most value on?

“After the health check at the beginning of March with an experienced veterinarian, it is now important to get the pigeons into shape through a meaningful preparation and supply. Especially in the last 2 weeks before the 1st price flight one can still “move a lot”!”

What do you currently do with your young pigeons?

“Do not neglect the family during the racing season too much and preserve the joy with our hobby! Sarah (left) and Jule are already helping actively. Beyond that I would be very happy about one or the other successful flight with a nice result!”

What do you currently do with your young pigeons?

“The young pigeons have been kept in a darkened loft since march, 15. And they are allowed to do whatever they want until the time of exposure (June, 21). So they can and should come into contact with everything! We hope that the natural resistance will be increased in this way.”

Nordhorn, April, 19: The pigeons enjoy flying in the best weather!

Which pigeon care products can you not do without anymore?

“Avidress, Blitz (Blitzform), Immunbooster and VitaloTop.”

Avidress Plus
Avidress Plus contains short-chain acids that lower the pH value of the drinking water to such an extent that the risk of infection is also lowered. It also contains minerals, trace elements, herbal extracts. This mix together with the acids makes the metabolism more efficient. Pigeons looked after this way are simply healthier

To improve performance and disinfect trough water. High-performance pigeons cannot just be given grain feed and water. The pigeons will be in top form with Blitzform!

For intestinal health: Immunbooster stimulates the attention and reaction time of the immune system and thus the health of the pigeons from the inside. Binds mushroom poisons. With alliin.

The plant extract, based on chili and birch fig extract, promotes digestion and strenghtens the immune system. VitaloTop can be optimally combined with AvitestinEntrobac or Bt-Amin forte

What would you like to share with other breeders?

“Don´t aim too high! If it doesn`t work, don´t constantly change the system – because the motivation of the breeder will be transferred to the pigeons!”

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