The Röhnfried Racers and their recipe for success

A few days ago, we received great news from Maarten and Eddy from SG Leutenez, which we would like to share with you!

„We just want to inform you about our very good racing season with the young birds so far! !
The young bird racing is very important to us. It is our favorite race ! Also, this year they perform very well!
For example, 2 weeks ago, we had 18 birds in the TOP-20 at a 300 km race . Also, this weekend we had amazing results on Vierzon (400km), a big Inter-Provincial race with young birds here in Belgium.
In our club we won 2-3-4-5-8-10-12-13-15-16-18-21-26-27-33-38-41-… against 378 young birds!
On Inter-Provinciaal level we won 5-6-11-12-26-34-38-40-51-52-65-77-144-147-170-185-190-… against 4.131 young birds ! 10 birds in TOP-50 on Inter-Provincial level! We basketed 58 pigeons and won 39 prizes!
Not bad I think.
Each week on TOP!
I hope they can keep up their stamina for a few more weeks and that the wind is on our side for our area on the last national races…
A big thank you for the products! They really bring our pigeons to a higher level!! We are proud to be Röhnfried Racers and we hope you are satisfied with our results.

Maarten and Eddy Leutenez“

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