A power with the females

Talking with Rik Cools and his wife Mieke about our beloved pigeon sport is always a pleasure. Rik is a breeder who loves both breeding and playing with the pigeons.

You just have to do it!!!

Impressive: born into a large family of fanciers and even as a little boy Davy wanted to be on the pigeon loft (before he could walk – according to his


“Gaby Vandenabeele pigeons” are those that became famous all over the world. Everyone knows the names Wittenbuik, Bliksem, Rudy, Super Romeo, New Bliksem…  The descendants are fabulous! Year after year

You just have to do it!

A lot of space, a few pigeons: Marcel Vercammen never had many pigeons and he prefers it this way. Of course, he can’t score by the dozen but when they

Always on the move!

2016 : 1 NAT Bourges yearlings – fastest against 45,507 pigeons. 2017 : 1 NAT Tulle yearlings – fastest against 17,035 pigeons In Tulle, just one year after his national

2017: the miracle year

They’re back in a very short time!!! At the end of the 1990s, Eddy Leutenez stopped working but his son Maarten wanted to continue. Eddy, who had already won 9x1st