The foundation of many international top colonies

This is doubtless a very unusual title, but it was in fact because of “fishing” that Leo Heremans came into contact with the pigeon racing. He used to be a fisherman and he needed “pigeon manure” because this was top food in angling. So his first pigeons were used to “produce manure” to go fishing. … Anyway, to make a long story short: Leo has had respiratory problems for many years and now has to stop. A few months ago, his long capacity was reduced to 10% and this is not something to be glossed over. For some months he can’t go up into the lofts, he can’t even hold a pigeon in his hands. He completely depends on his two helpers, who come every day to clean, train the birds and do everything required. In this, of course, they are instructed by Leo, but when you can’t go into your loft yourself, can’t take in the birds in your the hands, can’t see what’s going on in the loft…. Where is the sense in all this? So he decided to stop COMPLETELY. He doesn’t know who is going to organise the auction. Maybe somebody will come and buy the complete colony? So far, no clear arrangements have been made but it’s clear he’s going to stop. In future, he may well take up fishing again. Of course, he will keep in contact with the pigeon racing because he has a lot of friends among the fanciers.
Leo Heremans, …. has won almost everything there is to win. Last season in 2016, he became 3rd National Champion KBDB Young Birds at national races with 1st and 2nd placed. He also was among the champions, even after 2 top auctions; one by the name of Heremans-Ceusters. They have won everything possible in pigeon racing – from supersonic down to the small middle distance, National Ace pigeons and Olympic toppers. At the beginning of 2007, this combination was split up in a fabulous auction and those birds moved all over the world.

What is your secret? Selling a large part of your colony again and again yet still winning?

“Good pigeons” – “Healthy pigeons” and … do all you have to.
It is striking that Leo Heremans has a lot lofts, breeds a lot of youngsters and yet after a few weeks, he only races a handful of pigeons.
As a fancier, he selects very fast and he only wants to devote his time to those that score with top results.
Leo has always sought the best pigeons. He used to visit all public auctions, buying lots of pigeons and investing a lot money. When he wanted a top pigeon, he almost always brought it back home. It’s important to breed with the very best and test them! But also a strict selection; it’s all part of it and possibly the best path to success!
Healthy pigeons with products, such as Avidress Plus, can help here. When he first used this top product, he recognised its qualities because you immediately notice that your birds remain in good health much easier. Good manure, scarcely any problems with the digestive organs.
One exceptional breeder was the Olympiade 6455003-01, (Olympic Pigeon Liévin 2003 and 2 National Ace Short Distance (SD) KBDB 2002) of Gust Jansen. His blood is still to be found in each top pigeon. We cannot ignore the enormous offspring produced by this world-class breeder: 6455003-01, “Olympiade 003” – Olympic Cock SD 2002 – 2 National Ace SD adults KBDB 2001

A pigeon with unlimited hereditary qualities!

Leo Heremans always had several lofts, into which he divided his pigeons according to the races they were intended to take part in. Quiévrain with the adults, the yearlings and the youngsters – both with cocks and hens. Then Noyon with the cocks, the hens, adults, yearlings and young birds. Plus a small group for the small- and difficult middle distance races. Nevertheless, he always preferred the Quiévrain and Noyon races. The short distance, the races (where lots of money were bet) and where most of the fanciers of Antwerp joined in. Sometimes Quiévrain up to 3 times a week. These are the fast and good pigeons, who enjoy being motivated and arrive like lightning! To support them, they regularly receive Gervit-W (a super product just like Ro200) with oil on the feed. They always have to listen well, recover quickly and become nice and pink and round like a ball. Everything was completed as punctually as possible, since in a race like Quiévrain, every second is worth its weight in gold.
They are always fed step by step – but always enough. They have to eat it all up before they get an extra. If they leave any food, he immediately takes it away from them, he never leaves food in the loft. At the end of the week, some extra corn, a lot of grit (Expert Mineral) and red stone, which provides for a good digestion and healthy pigeons. The grit is refreshed every day!
Widowhood with the young cocks: Leo Heremans always had a passion for this game. These cocks are already chosen at a young age. Already after the first training flights, they get together with an old hen when they arrive home. This hen is waiting for her partner in a box. After a few weeks, these young cocks know what they’re going to get when they arrive home. These usually are the fastest birds and the winners on the short-distance races!

  • Tips that Leo likes to share with the fanciers
    He prefers them to be put in the basket when they are as calm as possible. When they return home, they can stay together for about 2 hours. As motivation for their territory, there always are two carton boxes in each compartment.
  • Darkening takes place until the 1st or 2nd week of June, while providing more light ensures that you can continue about 3 weeks longer.
  • Trust; young birds get their food on a feeding shelf. This way, they quickly become familiar with their master’s hand.
  • Grit and a good variation provide for a good digestion, good working intestines, two very important aspects!
  • Avidress Plus is highly recommended here; it reduces the likelihood of infection and the pigeons achieve a good basic health condition.

Because of his health, there will be NO TURNING BACK. When he had to climb the stairs, we immediately noticed the problems he had to breath. We hope that he can continue to enjoy his friendships in pigeon racing for a long time, and wish him a lot of pleasure fishing.