VitaloTop – strengthen the immune system with the sharpness of the chili pepper

Builds up, stimulates the appetite, promotes digestion and provides better droppings: The opinions of our reference breeders on VitaloTop are clear.

VitaloTop - promotes digestion -
strengthens the immune system -
contains chili extract
The brothers André (left) and Tobias Klütsch (right) from Dinslaken are racing together in the regional association 400 in the SG Klütsch. Tobias also runs their Instagram account “pigeondiary” very successfully.

Perfect for the racing season – a field report by SG Klütsch

Better dropings and an increasing moulting

“In January, wee administered VitaloTop first to our female pigeons over the course of a week. Apart from VitaloTop they did not receive any other products at that time. We fed the animals lightly. After two days, we could already recognize a clearly better texture of the feces – dry and smaller droppings – as well as an increasing moulting process. Furthermore, our female pigeons showed an increased appetite. With our travel birds, which were parallelly given Avidress in the water, there was no such phenomena.”

A good overall impression and rosy breast flesh

“After a whole week the female pigeons looked very good and had rosy breast flesh. The moulting process was still much stronger than with the rest of the birds. In the following week, we also took care of our travel birds and were able to make the same observations.”

Dosage & Conclusion

“We dosed VitaloTop as indicated with 5ml to one liter of drinking water and our pigeons liked it from the first day on. We therefore consider VitaloTop to be very suitable for use in the first week during the racing season or to optimize metabolism and intestinal activity.”

VitaloTop - promotes digestion - strengthens the immune system- contains chili extract
Uwe Müller (left) and his son Tim from Herbstein im Vogelsberg are among the most successful breeders in the Röhnfried Racing Team

Top performance thanks to VitaloTopa conclusion by Tim and Uwe Müller

Helps to rebuild the immune system

“We have tested VitaloTop last year and were very satisfied with it. We had a persistent virus in our young pigeons in 2018. With VitaloTop we rebuilt these animals and their shape afterwards was simply overwhelming.”

VitaloTop - promotes digestion - strengthens the immune system - contains chili extract
Röhnfried Racing Team member Frank Book (left) travels very successfully in the regional association 410, more precisely in the racing association Nordhorn Süd-West. He receives active support from his brother Stephan (right)

Top training experience and top results – the conclusion of Frank Book

The chili extract ensures a good texture of the feces condition

“After the gift of VitaloTop our pigeons had really great droppings and the training was simply lots of fun. I have used VitaloTop in the racing season at the beginning of the week and the results were very good.”

VitaloTop - promotes digestion - strengthens the immune system - contains chili extract

Röhnfried VitaloTop is an optimized mixture of plant extracts (3,5%) based on chili and birch fig extract, specially formulated to compensate nutritional deficiency symptoms in pigeons.

Extra deadnettle and rosemary extracts provide the benefits known through literature. Since pigeons cannot taste chili, we take advantage of its benefits in VitaloTop. These include promoting digestive enzymes and restoring the natural balance of the intestinal flora. VitaloTop is therefore ideally suited for immunodepressive stress phases, e.g. to support therapy during and after the disease phase of the young animal.

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