Berlin National – Faces of the Romanian pigeon racing sport (3/ Team Lupu)


TTeam Lupu: Asavei Constantin Lupus loft is based on top pigeons
Constantin Lupu: The loft is based on origins of Van der Wegen, Marcel Desmet, Emiel Denys and additionally pigeons from Spiridon Mihai, Stan Daniel and Habaci Calin.

The pigeons

The breeding loft consists of 12 pairs and the racing team of 25 pairs. Annually I produce around 50 youngsters.”

The training

The youngsters compete at five speed races and four middle distance races. I believe that a rigorous selection will show great benefits in the future, especially for extreme long distance race where endurance and ambition are top qualities to get a place on the podium.

Berlin National

The Pigeons are raced on the widowhood system until after they arrive from their first marathon. They are paired for the last two marathons from the racing plan.

Berlin National – also called “The classic of Romania” – is the most popular pigeon race in Romania, having the meaning of the Western Barcelona Race for the Romanian fanciers. The racing distances stretch from 800 to 1.400 km.

The racing team trains twice a day around the loft for 40-60 minutes in the morning and in the evening. In the last week before basketing, I train them three times from 60km.

The last five days before basketing they get peanuts and extra energy with decorticated sunflower seeds in order to accumulate as much energy as possible. Pigeons need the highest possible energy reserves to be able to fly 1201km in the shortest possible time.

Best race

1. Zone II Berlin National 1.238 pigeons, 1 National Berlin 5.717 pigeons 1201 km 2017 with RO 0196426-2015 M


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