Berlin National – faces of the Romanian pigeon racing sport (2/ Team Murariu)


TTeam Murariu: Masters of long distance races
Georgiana and her father Dragos love the pigeon-sport and the marathons, especially Berlin National with a distance of 1.278 km. Their loft is located in Tutora, Iasi County, Romania, where they take care of 100 pigeons with love and devotion. One year ago, at Berlin National, they won 1st place Zone IV and everybody realized the true value of their pigeons.

The loft

The stock of their loft is based on origins of Van Wanroy from Ben Hendriks and origins of Van der Wegen from Albert Simons. These two origins were crossbred with a Romanian old breed that were extreme long distances champions racing on the Poland-Romania route.

The pigeons

In the breeding loft are 20 pairs that reproduce annually around 100 youngsters. The racing loft is harboring up to 60 adults and yearlings.

The training

As youngsters they train for the Berlin National on route Nord-West. Their performance is not important yet, at this phase. Diseases from transportation vehicles are avoided by trainings with three to four other breeders. After a few short distance trainings of 20km and 50km follows one training of 100km, one of 140km and three trainings of 170km over a period of 3-4 days. The last training is in Siget City, situated in the mountains, where they have to fly 300km. This program starts 1st of September and ends 15th of October.

Berlin National

Berlin National is the most important race for the loft Georgiana and Dragos Murariu. All pigeons are specially prepared for this outstanding race.

Berlin National – also called “The classic of Romania” – is the most popular pigeon race in Romania, having the meaning of the Western Barcelona Race for the Romanian fanciers. The racing distances stretch from 800 to 1.400 km.

In the past they tried the widowhood system and only for the last marathon they switched to natural system. But the results were not satisfactory. Total widowhood was practiced all season but natural system with females lead to better results. Therefore, they decided to race the entire racing loft according to natural system.

Breeding season starts at the beginning of April with a youngsters round and after that they start the nest position (5 day eggs on basketing) for the first marathon, 7-8 day old youngster for second marathon and back on eggs for the last marathon.

  • Pigeons are free all day long; between races they train them private
  • Yearlings are racing between 500-800km and only a small part races at marathons

The feeding

During races the pigeons get food three times a day and they add locally grown corn and also parrot food as supplement. Additionally they feed peanuts after the pigeons received the grains – but only for the last two marathons.

Best race

1st place Berlin National Zone IV, 1278 km in 2017 with RO 0396690-2016 M

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