ACE & NEW JENS Jr. did it again

Construction work in the neighbourhood spoiled the fun in 2017!

Rudi Desaer will never forget the 2017 season because a construction site was located next door to his loft. Work started early in the morning and went on until the evening. Of course, the noise of all this brought on agitation in the loft, which called for a lot of changes in the daily routine. The birds were not able to train in the morning and if they did go outside, they did not want to go back inside and remained on the roof. Since Rudi is a perfectionist when it comes to taking care of his feathered friends, he had to adjust his schedule. The pigeons could train only once a day, in the evening.

Lucky for him that he has 4 National winners in his super breeding loft, an exception not often found.  Top pigeons such as Antonio (B10-3020860) – 1st National Souillac against 7,756 pigeons; New Tours (B10-3020802) – 1st National Cahors against 7,136 pigeons; New Jens (B10-3020896) – 1st National Limoges 2012 against 13,789 pigeons; and Favoriet (B11-3123742) – 1st National Limoges 2015 against 8,301 pigeons. They all take care of the foundation of class pigeons. Rudi leaves nothing to chance and works on that 24 hours a day. The circle is complete: super pigeons – super management – super fancier – super results!

The game with the old birds, the widowers

It may be traditional, but if you do it well, you get top results. He prefers “old cocks” because they know their “job”!  The young birds are trained well, but it is enough if they just gain experience during the year of their birth. Patience is the key, something which can be seen by the individual results of the old birds. The older they get, the better they fly.

To keep his team in a good health, Rudi has already been using Röhnfried products for more than 20 years. Every week, the birds can take a bath to which he adds BadesalzGervitW, the wonder multivitamin, has been used here many years, and from experience he has learned that this product sometimes gives a boost to the racing results.

The nutritional programme

On Saturday, the day they arrive home from the race: Avipharm and BtAmin forte in the drinking water. Energy Oil and Pavifac Brewer’s Yeast on the feed.

The day after the race: Avidress + Usne Sano in the drinking water. Energy Oil and Pavifac Brewer’s Yeast on the feed.

The second day after the race: Avidress + Usne Gano in the drinking water.

3rd day after the race: BtAmin forte in the drinking water.
4th day after the race: Blitzform in the drinking water.
5th day after the race: GervitW in the drinking water.

On the day of hampering – pure water, pure feed.

If the pigeons have to participate in long-distance races, then every 2 or 3 weeks and then he uses Blitzform 3 or 4 days in a row. This iodine preparation can give the metabolism an extra boost.

A stable system and confidence

If you want to get good results, you have to keep your eye on everything. You can have good pigeons, but if the nutrition is not optimal, the bird will rarely give maximum performance during the races. The pigeons are athletes that need to be taken care of just like “top sportsmen”. Rudi often compares our sport with cycling: the nutrition, regeneration, supplements…  A couple of days before hampering, the birds also get extra corn.  He uses many Röhnfried natural products (Avipharm, GervitW). He also pays a lot of attention to the recovery after the races. On arrival from the race, the pigeons can eat as much as they want of a good sports mixture that contains seeds rich in oil and all this is enriched with Energy Oil. The following, they get a light “meal” (a diet mixture). The pigeons always have to eat together. After training, they can eat what they like and the feed remains in the loft for around 2 hours. The bird itself knows what it needs, better than the fancier.

As mentioned, at the beginning of the season, they have to fly every week (up to 400km), afterwards every 2 or 3 weeks, depending on the race.