GEERINCKX is and remains at the TOP !

Gladiator – Wittekop Sylvester – the IJzeren – Willyke; all names of basis pigeons that shot to world fame in a short time. “Geerinckx = Soontjes”, whichever way you look at it, the name of Geerinckx will always be synonymous with the Soontjes pigeons. Super class on the speed and middle distance races. And even when they decided to join in other races, the birds kept on doing it ! Now even with the one-day 700 km LD races. Class proves its worth!  But even though here in Wommelgem, they sometimes also have poorer years with less good results, the next year, they’re back in the running. As in 2017 with fantastic results and ace-pigeons!


Top breeding loft:

In the breeding loft, we find 35 pairs. They never sell a winner. Supers like the Gladiator, (Olympic cock), the National winners like the 1 National Argenton 2012 – 12,447 pigeons – 1, 2 National Argenton 2013 – 16,325 pigeons …., other Olympic pigeons (1st Olympic Ace Pigeon Allround Nitra 2013, 2 Olympic Ace Pigeons Budapest 2015 …) “Ace” National Ace Difficult MD KBDB …. The success of the Geerinckx colony is based on them all.

The breeders receive Avidress Plus and UsneGano in the drinking water every day. This enables them to stay in perfect basic condition. They also pay extra attention to the necessary nutritional supplements; with the breeders, specially fresh grit every day (Breeding and moulting mineral) and Topfit (minerals and trace elements). In preparation for the breeding period, Taubenfit E50 (vitamins to stimulate a good fertility) is also used and – during the breeding period – Gervit-W regularly on the feed.


Classic widowhood; both with the cocks and the hens

It’s hard work here in the Sportstraat in Wommelgem, and this applies not only to the fancier but also the pigeons. Although Bart is busy from morning to evening, top results can only be achieved by hard work. It’s all about quality, of course, and no mistakes are allowed. Everything is done as punctually as possible and they’re always trying to predict the weather conditions. As soon as the weather is good, the daily training flights start. It is therefore possible to start as early as the end of January. During this period, the pigeons receive plenty of Hexenbier to get rid of the old down. They regularly receive Hessechol and Pavifac on the feed.

This combination is repeated several times during the season. When the birds arrive home from the race, they always receive Avipharm in combination with Mumm (electrolytes and glucose).  Before basketing and when they arrive home, the pigeons always receive Avisana eye drops.

The day they return from the race, they add Energy Oil  plus K+K proteins to the feed, while after a difficult race the birds all receive a K+K tablet to stimulate their recovery. Although they have had excellent experience with this, they only use it when it’s really necessary. The next few days, they use Entrobac (probiotic), which promotes the digestive system, yet another contribution to good health and good results.

With regard to nutritional supplements, Bart keeps to a weekly system. An example: sometimes the pigeons receive Blitzform for 4 days (this sometimes acts as an extra “boost”). The following week, he adds Bt-Amin forte to the drinking water, while another time the birds receive 4 days of Rotosal (extra regeneration).  In fact, it’s all down to the feeling they have for what the pigeons need at that particular moment.


Every week, on Monday and Tuesday, they add Ro200 (condition powder) to the food, enriched with oil. On the day of basketing: Electrolyte Plus in the drinking water + Avisana eye drops before basketing, together with a Flugfit vitamin tablet or an RO 200 tablet.


Geerinckx’s tips

– Make sure there’s enough oxygen in the loft. Here we find an open aviary in front of each compartment and they are used as often as possible. Especially during the “dead” period, the pigeons spend as much time as possible in the aviaries.

  • Good pigeons to breed with! The good family is very important.
  • A healthy environment (a good, dry loft).
  • A good basic condition before the season starts. This can be helped by the use of the Röhnfried products in a natural and balanced way.
  • Regularity: make sure that fixed procedures always take place at the same time. The pigeons are extremely sensitive to this, they are able to do and know more than we believe.
  • To reinforce the natural resilience: use natural products as far as possible to reinforce the basic condition: Hessechol, Taubengold, Hexenbier …..
  • Good recuperation (K+K proteins), go along with the situation, always be in mind the difficulty of the race!
  • According to Bart, it’s the fancier that can make the difference in complying with these different points. He can achieve top results and demands the maximum from his pigeons.

The star of the show

This year, it is the hen “Queen James” – 5th National Ace pigeon at the Long-distance KBDB race and second-best yearling over five national races. She was born to two national champions: her father is “Luc”, who himself won the 1. National Argenton against 12,446 pigeons. Her mother is “Just Wait”, who herself won the 1. National Argenton against 16,363 pigeons. Simply fantastic!

“Queen James”
5. Libourne against 3.883 pigeons
25. Noyon against 2.214 pigeons
39. Tulle against 7.447 pigeons
59. Jarnac against 5.096 pigeons
100. Nat Montluçon against 10.753 pigeons
177. Châteauroux against 8.663 pigeons